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Automatic Calibration

TYPE 3116M
Automate 792A
TYPE 2011A


Inductive Voltage Divider
TYPE 6430A
TYPE 6435A

TYPE 6415A
TYPE 6425A

TYPE 6401A
Error Compensation
Current Transformer

TYPE 6460A
TYPE 6461A
TYPE 6462A

LCR Standard
TYPE 6100A
TYPE 6100B

TYPE 6230A
TYPE 6233B

HCS Series
HLS Series
Capacitance Bridge
Error Compensation Current Transformer
(Standard Current Transformer)
TYPE 6461A / 6462A

The instruments can output secondary current in a accuracy of ratio error by 10ppm and phase angle error by 10µrad against primary current. Thus the instruments are usefull as a standard current transformer for every calibration works. Also, using it with Model 6460A as a set, you can create more expanded current range.
1.1 High accurate secondary current can be gained because of its two-step structured transformer with compensating coil.
1.2 6461A / 6462A are durable for a long term use because the body is contained in a aluminum-alloyed system case and the parts of transformer are molded.
2.1 Primary Current 6461A (100A,50A,25A,20A,10A,5A)
6462A (50A,40A,30A,20A,10A)
2.2 Secondary Current 5A
2.3 Frequency 50Hz to 400Hz
2.4 Ratio Error 10ppm
2.5 Phase Angle Error 10µrad
2.6 Rated Burden 25VA
2.7 Power Supply 100V ac (50Hz to 60Hz)
2.8 Dimensions(W/H/D) 450 / 130 / 430 (mm)
2.9 Weight About15Kg
  • Model 6461A / 6462A are developed under technical guidance of JEMIC(Japan Electric Meters Inspection Corporation). Production and sales are performed in accordance with a contract with JEMIC.
  • SunJEM accept to produce other products with customer's specification.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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