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Model 1010A Power Calibrator

Model 1010A Power Calibrator

Model 1010A is a power calibrator which compares a target power meter with a calibrated power meter. The system consists of a Current Transformer and a Voltage Transformer. It can calibrate power meters, for example, comparing a target power meter in the range of 0.05mW to 666.666W with a reference power meter calibrated at 100 V, 5 A.


  • Wide range of power values can be calibrated as power range is extended with one calibrated point.
  • Power Meter of 200 V (Max. 250 V) Input can be calibrated. In this case (power comparison calibration), power range is max. 1.25 kW. (Ref. Power Meter Calibration Example in Sec.3.2.)
  • Up to 100 A input power meters can be connected changing a current transformer. Max. 25 kW power comparison calibration is available. (Ref. Power Meter Calibration Example in Sec.3.3.)
  • Transformer outputs voltage with 1 ppm resolution in respect to input voltage.
  • Current transformer outputs current with 1 % resolution within 0 % to 120 % of input current.


Item/ModelTYPE 1010A
Power Comparison Range0.05 mW to 666.666 W((In case of Rated Input 100 V, 5A)
{1 mV×50 mA to 111.111 V×6 A}
Power Comparison Accuracy60 ppm(power factor 1)
Frequency Range50/60 Hz
Power Supply100 Vac(50 Hz and 60 Hz)
Size (WxDxH)530×365×520
Applicationapprox. 25 kg
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvement
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  • In case extending power range (0.05mW to 666.666W) using a standard power meter


  • In case calibrating a power meter with an input voltage of 200 V


  • In case calibrating a power meter with an input current over 5A (extended power range: from 0.01W to 11.1111kW)


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