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Model 6340A/6340B Variable High Resistance Standard


  • Changeable resistance manually or automatically via USB.
  • Using software, full automaticcalibration is possible.
  • Enables stable calibration due to tri-axial structure.
  • Best standard instrument available for calibration due to their excellent quality in accuracy,temperature coefficient and long term drift.
  • Arbitrary resistance and a different electrical design are available upon request.


Type/Nominal Value

Accuracy±1 %±2%±10%
Temperature Coefficient±25 ppm/℃±100ppm/℃±200ppm/℃±1000ppm/℃±1500ppm/℃
Maximum Applied VoltageDC1000V
Size(WxDxH)120×90×80 mm260×340×113 mm
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvement
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