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Type 6300B 4-Terminal AC Resistance

Type 6300B 4-Terminal AC Resistance

6300B was designed under the technical guidance of NMIJ/AIST (The National Metrology Institute of Japan/The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology/). The precision AC standard resistor realized AC-DC error less than 10 ppm at under 10 kHz and phase angle error less than 50μrad. The resistance is extremely stable thus it can be used as a resistance standard for DC as well as AC.


  • Excellent frequency response and minimal phase angle error
  • Selectable either BPO/MUSA or BNC connector
  • Suitable for 4-Terminal LCR Meter calibration due to 4-Terminal structure
  • Resistance elements are thermally processed full well, so 6300B has a small temperature coefficient and high stability
  • Best suited for calibration standard because of excellent accuracy, temperature coefficient and aging
  • Variety of resistance values are available, so it can be used for many applications including temperature measurement.


Item/TypeTYPETYPE 6300B 10,25,100,1 k,10 k,100 k
Nominal Value10 Ω25 Ω100 Ω1 kΩ10 kΩ100 kΩ
Accuracy of DC ResistanceLess than±0.5 %Less than±0.2 %Less than±0.02 %Less than±0.01 %Less than±50 ppm
AC-DC ErrorLess than 10 ppm (Deviation from DC Resistance) at 10 kHz
Phase Angle ErrorLess than 50 μrad (Deviation from DC Resistance) at 10 kHz
Temperature coefficientLess than±3 ppm/℃ Less than±1.8ppm/℃Less than±1.8ppm/℃ Less than±0.8ppm/℃
StabilityLess than 3 ppm/year
Max. Power0.3 W
Structure4-Terminal Pair (Connector: BPO/MUSA or BNC)
Size (WxDxH) mm100x80x83(BPO/MUSA Connector)
  • Carrying Case and BNC-BPO/MUSA Conversion Connector are available as options
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