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Toroidal Type TCR


  • For Reducing Radiated, Conducted Emission for Inverter, UPS and NC Controlled Equipment
  • Useful to make CISPR, FCC, EN etc. compliant
  • Large Ferrite Core is enclosed in a PBT (UL94-VO) resin case
  • Reduce noise just attaching the coil (TCR)


150 kHz1 MHz150 Hz1 MHz150 Hz1 MHz
TCR47 9 Ω25 Ω210 Ω630 Ω870 Ω2500 Ω
TCR60 8 Ω21 Ω190 Ω540 Ω780 Ω2150 Ω
TCR78 8 Ω22 Ω200 Ω560 Ω800 Ω2270 Ω
TCR96 6 Ω14 Ω140 Ω330 Ω570 Ω1330 Ω
TCR128 6 Ω12 Ω150 Ω300 Ω590 Ω1190 Ω

Above impedance values are approximate.

Outside Dimension[mm]Price
TypeBEH Yen
TCR47 5118.523.5TBD
TCR78832646.5 TBD
TCR96101.5 28 70.5 TBD
TCR12813537 99.5 TBD
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