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SUN0512 distributes 8-channel signal input to 8-channel 3-circuit output inserting and removing connectors mechanically (without using relay). Remote control can be done via USB interface. Also LabVEW can be used for control.


  • Automatic switching or calibration of electrical standards or mass standards in the field
  • Automatic calibration in the field
  • Automatization of electrical components (resistor, capacitor, coil etc.) evaluation system


  • Distributes 8-wire, 3-circuit, 24-channel input to 3 output directions respectively
  • Input/Output terminals support variety of connectors, such as BNC, MHV, SHV and LEMO. (support high voltage and high current measurements)
  • Contributing factor of error among channels is minimal as relay is not used. Suitable for automatic measurement
  • Easy contact change


Item/ModelSUN 0512
Input Terminal1 ch (8-wire)
Output Terminal24 ch (8-wire x 3)
Switching Time
1 sec.+ (7 seconds channel moving time)
Contact Lifemore than 10,000 times
Unit Lifemore than 100,000 times
Internal CableLow Noise Coax Cable
InterfaceUSB (standard feature)
Size (WxDxH)480×540×176
WeightApprox. 20 kg
  • We will make software for automatic measurements. Please consult with us if required.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvement
  • SunJEM will design products to meet your individual requirements.
    Please feel free to consult with us for products other than ready-made ones.