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High Value Standard Capacitor TYPE 6230A / 6233A

High Value Standard Capacitor TYPE 6230A / 6233A

6230A and 6233A are High Value Standard Capacitor with four terminals. The instruments produce great volume equivalently up to 1F by using a high quality capacitor and a precision transformer. The instruments are usable as standard units for calibration for LCR meters.(Model 6230A can change the step at the rate of 1/10.)


  • Able to set the volume of electrostatic capacity from 1µF to 1F.
  • Available to use three ranges of 50Hz,120Hz and 1kHz(up to 10mF at 1kHz)
  • Being equipped internally a high quality capacitor and a precision transformer, the instruments are best fited to be used as standard units due to its extreme accuracy, temperature coefficient and long term drift.
  • Very handy to use due to small size and light weight.
  • By using calibration terminal, Model 6233A is able to calibrate the internal precision transformer and to attach the standard capacitor externally.


1µF-1F(At 50kHz)
1µF-1F(At 120kHz)
1µF-10mF(At 1kHz)
Adjustable by 1/10 step
1µF,10µF,100µF,1mF, 10mF,100mF
1F(At 50Hz and 120Hz)
1µF,10µF,100µF,1mF,10mF(At 1kHz)Fixed
Ajustable Accuracy1µF, 10µF, 100µF, ±0.2%
10mF, 100mF±1% 1F±4%
Transmission Loss0.01±0.001
Accuracy in long use±100ppm
Dimensions(W/H/D)210 / 120 / 240 (mm)210 / 120 / 190 (mm)
  • Special BNC exchange fixture(with short fixture) is available as option.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvement
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