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Decade Transformer(Inductive Voltage Divider) TYPE 6430A/6435A


  • Wide available application having sufficient characteristic as a ratio standard.
  • High input impedance, low output impedance.
  • Wide frequencies and low ratio error.
  • Remotely controllable via standard IEEE-488 interface.
  • Long term stability over wide range of environmental conditions due to simple structure and minimum variable factors.


(High Accuracy Type)
(High Voltage Type)
Ratio RangeFrom -0.0100000 to 1.0999999from -0.010000 to 1.099999
Resolution 0.1ppm1ppm
Frequency Range50Hz to 10kHz40Hz to 1kHz
Ratio Accuracy0.5 ppm(at 1kHz, referred to input)1ppm(at 60Hz, referred to input)
Maximum Input Voltage*10.35V rms/Hz5.0V rms/Hz
Input ImpedanceAbove 100kΩ(at 1kHz)Above 50kΩ(at 60kHz)
Output ImpedanceBelow 5Ω Below 20Ω
Output Current1A max1A max
GPIB InterfaceStandard Equipment
SH1,AH1,T6,L4,SR1,RL2, PP0,DC0,DT0,C0,E2
Standard Equipment
SH1,AH1,T6,L4,SR1,RL2, PP0,DC0,DT0,C0,E2
Dimensions(W/H/D)450 / 130 / 400 (mm)450 / 130 / 400 (mm)

*1 Voltage 350 V rms MAX

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